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Your expert consultant for mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance

Industrie Consult International M&A GmbH, headquartered in Düsseldorf, was founded in 1991 and is a nationally and internationally operating independent management consultancy involved in the fields of mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance.

We advise our clients on the acquisition and sale of companies, participations and mergers. Moreover, we assist companies and investors with the structuring and procurement of financings throughout the entire range of equity and external capital.

Our clients include medium-sized companies and their owners as well as conglomerates and investors, e.g. private equity funds or family offices. In over 25 years, Industrie Consult has carried out a remarkable number of transactions allowing us to be a competent consultant for our clients in all major industries and markets.

Our corporate philosophy is characterised by:

professionalism, guaranteed by our highly experienced partners
integrity and trust through alignment of interests and exclusion of conflicts
the importance of long-term business relationships over short-term success

Industrie Consult is the co-founder of the international euroMerger Group and thus part of a global network with well-established M&A partner offices located in the world’s most important industrial countries. Hence, we are able to provide our clients with professional and targeted advice on cross-border transactions in any region.

Industrie Consult is member of the VMA (Vereinigung Deutscher M&A-Berater).

Range of Services

The basis of our range of services is our efficient team of highly qualified and experienced consultants. The perspective of our clients determines our assignment and our service portfolio required in each case covering a broad range of corporate settings, e.g. In the light of the above, we consider ourselves as our clients‘ partner in significant strategic project situations: Our services always begin with the analysis of our client’s starting position and the joint development of an individual transaction strategy. We see ourselves not only as a service provider for our clients, but also as a partner with equal interests to achieve the best possible success of the envisaged process.

For us it is a matter of course and an obligation to provide the necessary skills and negotiating competence to implement the project, i.e. preparing processes and realizing important project components, e.g. developing company evaluations, drawing up sales memorandums or providing support throughout the due diligence processes and contract negotiations.

This process expertise combined with the necessary networking capability to identify and approach potential target companies or investors bring about a competence profile, which makes Industrie Consult both an ideal consultant and partner for its clients.

Achieve the optimum!

Once the decision has been made to sell a company, the created or existing business value has to be realized on the market. In the run-up to the envisaged process, all options have to be thoroughly examined and carefully weighed up. It requires expert knowledge as well as tact and sensitivity to find the right successor and to transfer the ownership as smoothly as possible. This is the only way to achieve the optimum in a sales process.

Industrie Consult always assigns project tasks to its very experienced partners to ensure the best possible transaction security and to generate the optimal results for our clients.

In a sales process we advise our clients at all stages of an M&A transaction:
  • development of a sales strategy
  • company evaluation
  • drawing up an anonymous short profile and sales memorandum
  • identification and selection of suitable buyers
  • coordination of the due diligence process
  • monitoring of negotiations - from Letter of Intent to sales contract
Managing a complex M&A process is a coordinated interaction of multidisciplinary teams. For this purpose, experienced experts have to be involved. We like to cooperate with our clients‘ longstanding consultants here. If required, we also advise our clients on selecting suitable external legal and financial advisors from our broad network.

Successful growth with a strong partner

A strong European internal market and the noticeable impact of the ongoing globalization ghost on the medium-sized sector. Acquiring companies opens up promising opportunities at various levels: Extended competencies and capacities, additional know-how and a broader market reach as well as higher market shares and new target groups are only some of the advantages that acquisitions bring about.

To us the challenge of an acquisition does not only lie in professionally accompanying the respective M&A-process. The basis for a successful acquisition is already laid in the previous phase and possibly extends in scope after the conclusion of the transaction. Against this background, Industrie Consult also takes over formative assignments:
  • involvement in the development of acquisition profiles
  • realisation of buy-and-build strategies, especially for financial investors
  • identification and (anonymous) approach of potential target companies
  • structuring and organisation of the necessary acquisition financing
  • monitoring for our clients (buyers) and interface for the sellers
The success of an acquisition is not finalized after the completion of a transaction, but is rather based on the implementation of defined integration assignments. Frequently, further acquisitions follow, especially in view of the expansion of so-called „industry platforms“, which are being developed by focused financial investors. Industrie Consult is very experienced in the joint realisation of such business concepts and provides advice on post-merger assignments.

Achieving goals with adequate financing

Balanced and adequate financing is an essential factor for a company’s success. If company-relevant exogenous framework conditions undergo a significant change - e.g. due to financial crises or political instability - or operative challenges have to be met, the question arises whether the current financing structures will have to be adjusted.

This process might be substantial, given the restrictive refinancing attitude of financial institutions. However, the variety of alternative instruments such as private equity, mezzanine capital or special credit products is a great unknown for many companies.

Dealing with such tasks is a complex matter. It requires special creativity and excellent knowledge of the markets and the financing instruments. Our expertise firmly positions Industrie Consult as corporate finance consultant with a distinct scope of services:
  • analysis of the financial situation
  • determination of the debt capacity
  • preparation of a debit financing structure
  • identification and approach of financing partners
  • communication management between shareholders, banks and investors
  • professional support with the realization process
Due to our longstanding, very good relations with renowned banks and established capital providers at home and abroad, we elaborate client-specific financing concepts.

As corporate finance consultant in the described challenging environment, Industrie Consult intensively leverages restructuring processes and acts as interim manager for a limited period of time.


Our partners and employees: The assets of our success

Every successful company builds upon executives and employees who contribute their skills and develop common goals. People who let their profound knowledge flow into their daily work and further advance the company through innovative thinking and acting.
It is people like these who work for Industrie Consult International M&A GmbH and who have been ensuring our clients’ business successes for over 25 years. Their bundled experience and in-depth know-how are incorporated in the euroMerger Group and are also the basis of the successful consulting services we offer our clients.
The highly qualified partners of our team have many years of national and international expertise as well as excellent business connections with strategic and financial investors. Their outstanding industry knowledge, their various contacts and intercultural competence, which is of vital importance for cross-border transactions, are crucial for the success of complex M&A projects.

A strong alliance: The international euroMerger Group

Regional and global presence: Industrie Consult International M&A GmbH is the co-founder and member of the euroMerger Group, an international network of renowned European, Asian and US-American M&A consultancies. Since its foundation in 1991, the euroMerger Group has successfully closed more than 500 transactions in about 25 countries. With several hundred employees at all country sites the euroMerger Group provides its clients with goal-oriented advice and highly pronounced intercultural skills.

Think global, act local

  • Our clients benefit from the in-depth knowledge of global markets of our carefully selected team of international experts.
  • When it comes to international buy mandates, we draw on the extensive expertise and the professional competence of our local partners.
  • Language barriers and differences in mentality can be balanced out with the efficient support of our local colleagues. The same is true for legal and tax-related barriers. Here we develop qualified and realizable solutions in cooperation with our local colleagues while maintaining our clients’ interests.

For further information on our international euroMerger Group and our local partner offices please visit www.euromerger.com.


Industrie Consult supports the Allianz der Hoffnung/Alliance of Hope Foundation/CNR Center for Neuronal Regeneration (www.cnr.de), which develops new therapies for the damaged central nervous system to successfully treat incurable diseases such as paraplegia, craniocerebral injuries, multiple sclerosis, apoplectic strokes, Parkinson and Alzheimer in the future.

Moreover, Industrie Consult is committed to PERSPEKTIVE Heimat!, a joint initiative of various charitable organizations located in Düsseldorf – STAY! Düsseldorfer Flüchtlingsinitiative (www.stay-duesseldorf.de), vision:teilen (www.vision-teilen.org), an initiative of the Franciscans, and Schmitz-Stiftungen (www.schmitz-stiftungen.de), which focus on the good guidance for children of socially disadvant aged families, unaccompanied refugee children, homeless people etc.

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Our company has been continually growing over the last 25 years – and will continue to do so in the future.

If you have expertise in the fields of mergers & acquisitions and/or corporate finance and are interested in joining our internationally operating company, please e-mail your full application to kontakt@industrieconsult.de or per ordinary mail:

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